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Tactical Soccer New Update Released!

What’s new: Users now can create an account within app. (demo account) Extended functionality of calendar (event can be marked to the specific days of the week or date of month and be repeated weekly or monthly). Exercise now can be cloned into user account, even if it is marked as public. Objects used in […]

The team behind Tactical Boards: Soccer

On this article we want to give you more information about the company that created Tactical Boards Soccer. Brandit was founded in 2007, and grown from a small startup to a company with partners and clients all over the world, including Sony, Apple, Real Madrid, A.S. Monaco, Sampdoria, NSCAA, NFHS, Unicef, Maradona, Diego Costa, Falcao, […]

Boys Soccer Scoreboard this weekend

Westlake 4, Tuckahoe 1: At Westlake, Fernando Contreras-Lopez scored twice and Chris Donnelly had two assists. Panas 3, Pawling 0: At Pawling, Hunter Mastromonaco, Hassan Muhammad and Raymond Pagano scored. Rye Neck 2, Keio 1: At Keio, Pierre Klur scored both goals for the Panthers while Luis Galeano and Adrien Henry each had an assist. […]

iPad and Android versions coming soon

The iPad and Android versions are up and running and will soon be available on the app stores. Tactical Soccer is currently available for Mac and Windows computers. In a short time will be possible to setup your drills, exercises and training sessions on your iPad or on your Android device. Tactical Soccer is coming […]

Rush Soccer Select Program

Rush Soccer Select Program is using Tactical Soccer Tactical Soccer (www.tacticalsoccer.us) is pleased to announce that our software has been selected by Rush Soccer (www.rushsoccer.com) to aid coaches on the Rush Select program. Rush Soccer Select program forms select teams (All-Star teams) that are comprised of the top Rush players from across the country at the […]

Creating drills with animations

Build a library & consolidate data All of your drills, exercises, set pieces, line-ups, etc. in a single place Create and maintain all player, team & scheduling details Ideal for coaches with multiple teams – and clubs with multiple coaches Designed to improve coaching ability – and save time Utilize on any device – Mac […]

Setting up a training session – Soccer Training Drills

Easily create exercises, set pieces, training sessions, match formations, line-ups, strategies and more   Your tactics library is secure in cloud storage Drills / practices / pre-match strategy / sideline adjustments / post-match education Total flexibility in naming any tactic / easily edit any exercise / extensive search capability Powerful animation that’s easy to use  

Exercises – 3v1 Passing Warm-Up

Three players in a small box (8×8 to 10×10) possess the ball against one defender. The three attackers must always move to the corners of the box so that the player with the ball has an option to each side. Objectives: To develop movement off the ball. To improve the accuracy and weight of the […]